Apollo is one of Qatar’s leading Scaffold Services Provider and we are aware that our QHSE performance plays a key role in our success. Our main aim is to provide Quality Scaffold Services to our Customers Safely in an Environmentally responsible manner. Our core principles revolve around BS/EN compliant Scaffold Product & Services, Risk Reduction, Pollution prevention and Safe Operations Management. The requirements of all interested parties are clearly understood so that our products and service can be delivered on time as per the specified requirements.  Our values & aims remain paramount over all other interests & demands therefore we are committed in achieving & maintaining the following:

Ø Implementing Systems for Measurement, Analysis and Continual Improvement of Scaffold Services and  QHSE Management System as per ISO 9001:2015/ISO14001:2015/ISO 45001:2018

Ø Compliance with current applicable BS/EN Scaffold Industry Standards.

Ø  Setting & Reviewing Effective & Measurable QHSE Objectives for Continual Improvement for Critical Processes affecting our QHSE Performance.

Ø Providing Adequate Information, Training and Supervision to ensure a Competent Workforce.

Ø Providing Adequate Infrastructure, Tools and Equipment to meet QHSE requirements.

Ø The Prevention of Injury, Ill Health, Pollution and Controlling Risks that affect  our Quality , Safety & Environmental Performance .

Ø Compliance with relevant HSE Legislation and Other Requirements related to our Environmental Aspects and OHS Hazards. 

Ø Conservation of Natural Resources and Recycling of Renewable Resources.

Ø Communicating this QHSE Policy and discussing QHSE matters openly with Customers, Suppliers, Employees and other Interested Parties.

Ø The Regular Audit and Review of Apollo’s Integrated QHSE Management Systems Performance in order to ensure continued stability and continual improvement

All Apollo Personnel are responsible for adhering to Apollo’s QHSE Requirements. These requirements are communicated to all members of Staff & Workforce through the QHSE Induction, Integrated Management Systems Manual and Procedures relevant to them. Responsibility for Establishing and Implementing Apollo’s QHSE Policy rests with the Operations Manager as advised by the QHSE Manager our appointed Management Representative (M.R.) who has the overall responsibility of Developing, Implementing and Maintaining the Integrated QHSE Management System.